ilockit – app concept

»Community« – is the corresponding App for the digital bike lock ILOCKIT. (CORPORATE DESIGN & WEB – ILOCKIT)

In order to have a key-visual for the app I separated the C-visual from the original logo. The app basically enables its users to share their bikes and with it their locks. The basic settings include sharing your bike/lock, locating it on the map and adjusting the range in which the lock triggers in response to the app.

For a unique and consistent look I used the same imagery as in the web-concept and created icons that would match the whole corporate design. A three-tab-navigation makes it easy to navigate.

As this was part of my bachelor-thesis there was the expectation to bring in conceptual, playful elements. The solution for picking your sharing-contacts is here done by profile-bubbles (similar as presented in the Apple watch interface) in contrast to a conventional list.

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